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6 Word Memoirs: Paschal High Chaun Young Speaks

6 Word Memoirs: Paschal High Chaun Young Speaks

The students of Paschal High School enrolled in Ms. Denise Y. Frank’s senior Creative Writing class completed a 6 word memoir. The class sat through a PowerPoint presentation facilitated by their instructor, Denise Frank, on what 6 memoirs were and were provided sample memoirs to give them an idea of what the project entailed. The PowerPoint also provided the parameters of the assignment, in which each student was given a word wheel with 6 words that branched out into 8 words per original word:

Ex.: anger: hurt, threatened, hateful, mad, aggressive frustrated, distant and critical

Those 8 words then branched out into 2 words from the aforementioned list.

Ex: anger: embarrassed devastated

The students were then told to choose words they wouldn’t ordinarily use to evoke feelings behind the words to convey a message to their readers. The students were then instructed to choose a picture that is simple, either gray scale or one that picture that isn’t busy to further represent their words. Some students had no difficulty with this part, however, others needed a little guidance, and those students were asked to pick one word they wanted to focus on. Once the students chose their word, we googled “images of despair”. We then went through the images until we happened upon one that stuck out to them.

Denise describes the feeling of excitement that she experience to see their faces light up when they saw how the picture further represented their words. During the presentation of their memoirs, some cried, some laughed, and some were even received breakthrough after putting their memoirs in the atmosphere.

Denise shared with her students that they chose really good words to describe themselves. She engaged her class by explaining how our words have power and when used with other creative mediums, pictures for instance, words we don’t give much thought to come alive.

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