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Free Yourself Friday

Free Yourself Friday

Free Yourself Friday!
As we close out the first week of the NEW YEAR, I’m sure we’ve all seen and even participated in the resolutions and all the New Year, New Me post, but exactly how are you getting to the New You? Every year we set goals and make statements about the things we will change for the New Year and half of the time it falls through because we make all these lists, with no actual plan on how we will accomplish them. 2016 was a tough year for me, and one thing it has taught me, is to be still and listen, be obedient, and follow through.

Last New Year this time I was preparing my mind for the move back home, and had no clue as to what was coming or had any goals that I wanted to accomplish. All I wanted to do was crawl up under something and hide. I was broken, and couldn’t see clear enough to try to put any pieces back together. My mind was running so fast, everything was starting to run together. I was falling apart.

God began to put me back together as I began to be still. I had to release my mind of all the guilt and shame of having to move back home, and allow God could do his part. See I wasn’t in the mind frame of expectancy, so all I was thinking about was what everything that had gone wrong. Nothing seemed to be working out, I was sinking deeper and deeper into my situation with no clue as to how God was about to move in my life.

I began to think of every reason why this was it for me and why I would be in this place for a long time, I was blocking my own freedom with all the negative thoughts. I was standing in my own way and mixing up too much. It was time for me to chill out so God could do his thing, and restore me back to me. That restoration required me to release myself from me.

It required me to release my job, release my house, release my car, release my family, most of all release my mind. God can’t restore anything if there’s no room for it come back to. God can’t give you directions if you are carrying your own map. God can’t open doors, if you can’t freely walk through them. And God can’t release you, if you don’t allow him to. You have got to be still so you can listen.

God wants you to win, he wants you to level up, he wants you to walk in purpose and prosper, but you have to be ready and willing when he speaks. So many times God reveals to us the way he desires us to go, but we’re not ready. We either say no, procrastinate, we do the complete opposite, because we are still shackled down. You have do as you are told, just as we want our children to follow our directions and do not only what we tell them, but do it when we tell them. You can miss your blessing just because of timing and action. God time is the right time, and Gods time is right now.

Call me silly, but I sleep with my journal right next to my head, always have and probably always will. God gives me directions in my sleep and I have to be prepared to write it down and make it plain. Once it’s on that paper, now it’s my time to do my part, it’s time for me to follow through.

You know that old saying, actions speak louder than words, well let’s be honest, they do. Thinking about it and writing it down doesn’t get it done. God wants you to show him through actions that you were listening, that you were obedient, and that you followed through.

2017 is here, Free Yourself and allow God to move in a mighty was in your life.

Be Still and Listen!

Be Obedient!

Follow Through!

I love Mommy, and if no one has told you, You’re AweMazing!

La Femme Administrator