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Get Your “Shift” In Order

Get Your “Shift” In Order

Do you ever feel like your life was just slipping away and you had absolutely no idea what to do? Who to call? Or where to go?
Did your momma tell you “No!” this time?
Did ole boy let you go “STRAIGHT” to voicemail this time?
Where are all you girls at right now?
Who got your back this time?
It’s time for you get your “shift” in order!
Stop depending on everyone else to come in and clean up your mess or rescue you. That’s not their job, that’s your job! You are responsible for your own destiny, no one else is. You have to understand that “Shift” happens to everyone, it’s just your time now. God hasn’t let you down, he hasn’t left you, he’s preparing you to show up and be the woman he created you to be. What he wants you to do is embrace the struggle; pump up your faith, and hustle my sister; do the work! God said faith without work is dead; you have to hustle like you have never hustled before or even imagined was possible.
Don’t look at the situation, but rather look at the lesson. In every situation, there is a lesson to be learned. God only allows us to go through things that prepare us for the life he created us to live. You have to know who you are and whose you are. God didn’t create no junk, and he surly didn’t create no punk! You have to be ready at all times, because you are only one miracle away from your victory, and you don’t know when that moment will be.
That crazy situation you are in right now was purposely crafted by God so that you can be a blessing, an inspiration, empowerment to someone else. It’s not just your story, but my story, it’s her story, baby it’s our story.
A shift is a slight change in position, direction, or tendency. Where do you stand in your own life? How do you show up to yourself? What direction do you see yourself headed in? Are your tendencies intentional and purposeful?
Embrace the STRUGGLE
Don’t knock your own Hustle
Be Intentional
Pump up your Faith
Tell your story

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