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I Got Love All Over Me

I Got Love All Over Me

Loving yourself should come naturally and be something that you do on a daily basis. God said love thy neighbor as you love yourself, and majority of the time, we love our neighbors more than we love ourselves. We do things for people that we wouldn’t or haven’t even thought about doing for ourselves. We embrace the situations of others, while we beat ourselves up for the BS (Big Situations).

  • Do you wake up every morning, give thanks to God and then love all over yourself?
  • Do you tell yourself how awesome and amazing you are?
  • Do you look at yourself, and say “Dang girl, you Beautiful!”?
  • Do you speak life over yourself and command your day with all the fierce and fabulous things you will do?
  • Do you dress to impress, just because you expect great things every day?

Start your day in thanksgiving. Thank God for entrusting you with another day to be great. Forget about the problems and BS from the day before and sprinkle love allllll over you!

Look at you girl, your awesome, your amazing, your fierce, your fabulous and most importantly, you’re the only you around. Love what God gifted you with, because you are definitely the only woman alive that you can call you! For you are a phenomenal woman and a phenomenal woman that’s you.

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