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LaTersa Blakely “5 Ways To Take Care Of YOU!”
5 months ago

LaTersa Blakely “5 Ways To Take Care Of YOU!”

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LaTersa Blakely’s life is a journey filled with business know how and compassion. From her experiences LaTersa reveals her purpose and she is eager to share her purpose with all the women of the world.

Born in the Midwestern farming district of Holly Grove, Arkansas, LaTersa was a girl with ambition. She seized an opportunity to work in the agricultural industry through hands on learning — she literally got her hands dirty to get the job done! Years later LaTersa earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Agriculture Economics, a Master’s Degree in Agriculture Business Management and a prominent position as a Soil Conservationist. Her duties included surveying the land, a task that would prepare her for digging into the roots of her clients’ problems, as a life coach.

The wife, mother of two and woman of God decided to heed the calling on her life in 2010 after spending years in the corporate world. LaTersa found that through motivating other mothers, women entrepreneurs and the like, she needed to launch her own business. In 2011, the Mommy Maven was born.

Like everyone else, LaTersa understood that her work would need to include life balance. Unlike others, however, she managed to find that balance. In doing so, LaTersa penned articles for business blogs and e-zines, including, a website committed to providing a better world through health and conservation news. Her way with words empowered her to pen her first book, “DIGG DEEP, Steps to Embrace Your Past and Step into Your Greatness”, in 2012.

LaTersa’s next work would serve as the blueprint for her life-coaching business, now known as LaTersa Blakely Enterprises; “Mompreneur: Steps to Balance Work, Life and Love” was released in early 2013. The practical guide speaks to women of all walks of life, women who are ready to take back control of their lives. LaTersa now speaks for herself, literally: the mogul has been an invited guest speaker on several occasions, including Blogtalk Internet Radio. The “Sista Sense Magazine”- featured mom entrepreneur and a two-time winner of Startup Nation’s Leading Moms in Business has been hailed as motivational leader Les Brown’s one to watch. He declared, “The world needs what (she) has to share.”

Today, upon releasing her latest work in April 2014, “I AM ENOUGH” — a stop-the-pity-party manual for those seeking more in their lives — LaTersa spends time sharing through mentoring, hosting webinars and collaborating with women who hunger for clarity. Those ready to unleash their potential should contact LaTersa on Facebook at

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