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Let That S.H.Y.T. Go! (Stop Hating on You Today!)

Let That S.H.Y.T. Go! (Stop Hating on You Today!)

I was listening to Steve Harvey this morning and his topic today was “How many times?” He said last night, and again this morning, he took inventory on how many times people counted him out, how many times he thought he had failed, how many times he thought he was flat broke, how many times he didn’t think he would make it, and that in turn made him realize that he was STILL here, and he made it!

Believe it or not, we are our own worse enemy and critic. We hate on ourselves more than anybody else we know.  We wake up and count ourselves out before our day even begins.  We look at our bank account and start to spaeak about what we can’t afford.  We look at our education background, and speak about why we are not qualified.  We listen to the things that people say about us, and let it define the person we are not!

For so long, I used to be that shy person, the person that hid behind a fake smile, the person that never thought she was good enough, the person that did things just to fit in.  BUT OOOOOHHHHHHH when God revealed to me who I really was, and starting reminding me of all that things I had to be grateful for, I had no choice but to “Let that S.H.Y.T. Go!”


Stop telling yourself that you are not good enough!  Start waking up eveyday and reminding yourself of whose you are and who you are!  Remember that you can do ALL things, threough CHRIST who strengthens you!



Hating on who you are is slap in the face to God, as you are his MASTERPIECE!


Y-on You

You are you, God didn’t intend on for you to be anyone else.  Embrace her!


T- Today

Today is the day! There is no better time than the present, get in your NOW!  Even if it is not so right now, speak it into existence!



So today I encourage you to Let That S.H.Y.T. Go!  Every time you think about something you can’t do or that didn’t go the way YOU thought it should, Let that S.H.Y.T Go! When someone tries to tell you that you are not good enough, or tries to define who THEY think you are, Let that S.H.Y.T Go! God created you hunni, and he doesn’t call the qualified, he qualifies the called!


Love you Sis,


Until Next Time, know that you are AweMazing!


Vanetia Fahie

La Femme Administrator