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Meet Bernadette Jeudy & Roxanne Walton

Meet Bernadette Jeudy & Roxanne Walton


Roxanne, 31 and Bernadette, 31 are Children’s ready to wear fashion designers. Roxanne is a native of Philadelphia, PA and Bernadette is  a native Spring Valley, NY , and their label Préparatoire was featured in the Men’s RTW Fall 2015 Baker Motor Company Charleston Fashion Week.  They both hold BAs in fashion design from the Art Institute of Philadelphia and contributes her influences to Daniel Cremieux, Gossip Girl, and Pharrell Williams.  Roxanne is vibrantly simplistic with a drive of sophistication while Bernadette loves timeless and classic, but with unusual colors.

When creating their Fall 2015 Fall designs, here’s what they had to say, “After an attempt to buy some new threads for Bernadette’s nephew revealed an alarming lack of options, we decided to create our own line for boys. Featuring denim, leather, and Italian wool, our designs are guided by our heightened awareness of color and trim. Préparatoire is innovative, yet timeless. We aim to evoke a confidence that inspires our wearers to become phenomenal young men.”

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They can also be found on Facebookby Searching Préparatoire, Twitter: @Preratoireusa, and Instagram: @preparatoire


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