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anetia V. Fahie, The Single Mommy Experience Architect, is on a journey to Renewing the SHE IN YOU, and being Fierce, Fabulous, and Fearless while having Intentional Success. She is the Founder, President/SHE-EO of the DO YOU Enrichment Center and Founder of La Femme & La Femme Magazine.  Vanetia is the single mom of Zoriah Heyward and Denode Heyward, Jr. and is passionate about helping single moms to discover the SHE that lives within them. She stands firmly on the beliefs that if you divorce your fears and marry your strength, your life will change, and at that moment, you are able to create and design your life’s experiences, so that you can be the woman God created you to be.  She co-authored Prayers of a Single Mom, where she shared in compiling prayers of the barriers single moms encounter, finding the strength to endure and how to push through and overcome.  She also co-authored The Woman Behind The Mask, where she shares how God used the birth of her son to save her life.

Vanetia, has always had a passion for community empowerment and changing lives. She discovered her purpose to serve single moms while going through the motions of being a single mom herself. While she has wanted to give up on several occasions, losing her mom to a sudden heart attack at an early age and remembering the pain she endured, she couldn’t give up and leave her kids.  She knows what it feels like to be angry, disappointed, and feel like you shouldn’t have to, but know that you have to for your kids and for yourself. She knows how hard and frustrating it is to have dreams that you want to pursue, and all while being the primary provider and having to make those extra hard decisions.

Vanetia made the decision to STAND (Stop, Take a deep breath, be Accountable Now, and be Determined) on her experiences, while transforming her mindset, what she calls SMS, the Single Moms Syndrome, to make the conscious decision to turn her POOP (People’s Opinion Of her Purpose) into fertilizer, so she could FREE the SHE within her. She recognized the fact that the only way to live was FEARLESSLY on purpose and with INTENT.  One thing’s for sure, she knows that being a single mom isn’t an automatic no to her dreams or the rest of her life. She wholeheartedly believes that as long as you trust God and believe,have a working system in place that includes time management, budgeting, and a good support team that really supports you, you can STAND on anything!

Vanetia looks forward to sharing in your journey and helping you stand boldly, unapologetically, fearlessly, and with intent!

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