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Personal Branding 101

Personal Branding 101

Personal branding is the principal of marketing yourself as a product. Defining your personal brand will allow you to prepare, package, and present yourself to potential clients. Everyone has a personal brand. It is up to the individual to decide how to turn that brand into a successful business.

Who you are and what do you want to be known for? Answering this question is the key to defining your personal brand. What do your peers know you for? Or you a subject matter expert in the business that you are presenting to your clients? Is your package in alliance with your brand? Do you stand out in a crowd? For example, if you sell jewelry, are you pieces making a statement? You brand has to be recognizable. Here are a few women, whom have prepare, packaged, and presented successful brands: Oprah Winfrey, Beyoncé Knowles Carter, Kandi Burruss Tucker, and Jessica Simpson. These women have mastered the three P’s. They continue to reinvent and package there brands, by introducing new products, ideas, and concepts to their customers.

Prepare, package, and present your brand for success!

Prepare- Keep a personal journal of your daily objectives. This is your playbook for success. Write play for play how you plan to attract potential customers. If someone throws you a curve ball, you should have a plan on how to catch it and throw it back. Know everything there is to know about what you are doing.

Package- Dress for success! You brand is determined by how others perceive you. You outward appearance is often the first impression a customer has of you. Package it appropriately. Logos, business cards, and a useful friendly website is needed to complete the package.

Present- Your presentation is important. Rehearse, Rehearse, Rehearse, know what you are going to say before you interact with a customer.

As the face of your brand, you have to always be on. Yes, we all have bad days but you have to remember that you are the face of your brand. One bad experience can lead to a hundred bad referrals. Prepare, package, and present yourself for every encounter. There are fourteen hundred and forty minutes in a day, use them to propel your personal brand.

Crystal Myers

Marketing Specialist, Author, Entrepreneur



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