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PT FOR MOMS: Communication

PT FOR MOMS: Communication

Communication between home and school should always be regular, two-way, and meaningful.

  • Give positive feedback and show appreciation for teachers and the principal.
  • Approach interactions with a positive attitude and an open mind.
  • listen to others’ viewpoint.
  • Share your child’s strengths, talents, and interest with your child’s teachers.
  • Share expectations and set goals together for your child.
  • Make appointments as needed to discuss your child’s progress or concerns.
  • Attend parent-teacher conferences with specific questions you want to ask.
  • Indicate the best way to give you information (phone, email, notes, etc.).
  • Understand and reinforce school rules and expectations at home.
  • Participate in informal opportunities to talk with and get to know school staff and educators.
  • Address concerns or questions honestly, openly, and early on.
  • Attend PTA or parent meetings regularly.
  • Read classroom and/or school newsletters.
  • Visit your school’s website.
  • Know the school’s staff extensions and office hours.
  • Read and know your school’s handbook.
  • Request that information be available in all relevant languages.

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