Written By: Dhakeria Little,The Power Coach and Performance Strategist

Many people allow themselves to be treated “less than”, because they do not realize how powerful they are beyond measure. However, a lot of us don’t always start out this way. In the beginning, we may view ourselves highly. Nevertheless, there are things that happen throughout life to distort our perception.

With this concept of understanding, there must be things we can do to continuously renew and reinvigorate self-worth. If you are wondering why you are being treated a certain way that is displeasing or beneath the standards of your expectation then assess how you are treating yourself and wielding your God-given power. Our Creator has All Power, and you were created in His image. That power is your inheritance; and, thereby yours to protect, honor and operate in it. If you’re not doing this, then you should consider where you are experiencing a lack thereof. The degree to which you evaluate your lack is the degree to which you can assert actionable steps to shift the paradigm of your power. Be transparent about where you are lacking. This will allow you to maximize your potential and circumvent the obstacles that are in the way of you operating in the fullness of your God-given purpose!

At one point and time, I was in a place in life where I allowed things to occur because I felt inadequate and ill-prepared to handle them on my own. So, neglect set in. Once that feeling of rejection occurred, my decision-making became unbalanced. I was easily stuck in unprosperous situations, because I was only expecting what I was currently getting at that time. I did not have the power to anticipate greater. It was like being in a room with a lamp that can stand a100-watt bulb, but all I was putting in it was a 25-watt bulb. When you finally put in the 100-watt bulb, the room looks totally different. You see the room for its true potential. The colors look vibrant and details are clear. Until that bulb is changed, a dimly lit room is all we are able to see. We cannot expect or visualize better until we see that brighter room through our spiritual eyes. This is why we have to take action by doing what is necessary to secure the bulb we need and make that switch. The potential of the room was already there. It just didn’t have the right intensity of light to expose it. The potential is already in you! The life you desire exists. You just have to realize the power you already possess and maximize it to reveal your own destiny. God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and sound mind (good judgment). You are blessed with power beyond measure. Don’t let fear dim your light thereby darkening the power to access your birthright!!

Claim your inheritance NOW!

Yours is in Divine Power.

La Femme Administrator