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Respect Yourself- You are a piece of work

Respect Yourself- You are a piece of work

You are worthy, important, and in your way you will make a contribution to the greater good  of the human community.  First, you must care enough about yourself to be careful and sensible.  Hold your mind and body in high regard.  You have been making choices since the time you were little and those choices become more and more important to your future as you grow.  We are told that in order to give love, we must first love ourselves and understand the miracle of being alive.  That self love radiates from you- out to others in the form of self-esteem.  The wonder of it all is that you are one of a kind in a world populated with billions of people.  And can you imagine that there is no one else in the world who is absolutely, completely like you?  Accept yourself, protect yourself,  make healthy choices and think of yourself as a  wonderful cosmic gift.


Written by: Zoriah Heyward by way of Greta Barclay Lipson,ED.D


Zoriah Heyward is a member of “I Got Something To Say!”, a mentoring program for children that reinforces the importance of and teaches them different strategies to channel their anger and energy.  If you would like to know more about this group or volunteer to be an E-Mentor, please email us at and put I Got Something To Say in the subject line.

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