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SHE Celebrates Rasheena Perry

SHE Celebrates Rasheena Perry


Rasheena Michelle Perry is a woman who is passionate about giving back to her community and empowering others to do the same. Also referred to by her friends as “Gift,” she is known for promoting the spirit of excellence in all that she does. Rasheena is recognized for her administrative expertise, prolific public speaking, compassionate leadership and servitude in the professional and non-profit sectors. She is a singer, playwright and upcoming author, a change seeker, community mentor, and organizational instructor, she works to educate individuals and organizations on how to cultivate change in their lives and their communities. Despite her difficult beginning and tumultuous childhood, Rasheena is an overcomer who uses the cards that life dealt her to help others find their way.

Born in Brooklyn, NY on April 18th, 1973, Rasheena began her tedious journey through life. As the child of parents affected by substance abuse, she was given to her “non-biological” grandmother; non-biological meaning (she raised you as though she was your momma’s mother, until one day you found out the truth). Seemingly a much better choice than being placed in the foster care system. From day one the odds were against her; yet, with a pure ignorance, she persevered with a tenacity and poise unknown to most children.

At the age of 73, Mary and Linwood adopted Rasheena and began to raise her as their grandchild. With a roof to keep over her head and food for Rasheena to eat, they appeared to be the most suitable fit; however, education and parental experience were not factored in. Rasheena’s grandparents had migrated from the south, where things like education and social skills were not of primary importance. As a result, they could not read nor write, which left Rasheena to practice and teach herself. From Kindergarten throughout her teenage years, with the help of her teachers and her belief in herself, she maintained an “A” average. Always being recognized for her skillful writing, above average reading ability and her adult-like strength.

As an avid lover of God, Rasheena has spent her life devoted to ministry. Serving in a number of different capacities throughout her tenure, she has successfully demonstrated the ability to structure and lead small groups and masses, by teaching them to become more efficient in religious knowledge as well as innovative thinking. With over 15 years’ experience as a highly motivated administrative professional, Rasheena has been able to transfer her skills into the non-profit sector. She has implemented plans to enhance community outreach, structural management and program design within many organizations. Her compassionate leadership and engaging personality has produced outstanding results for all whose lives she’s touched.

She is the mother of four biological children, Xavier (26), Domineek (24), Elijah (14), Elisha (deceased), one grandson, Damarien (4) and one surrogate daughter Tamika (19). All of which are dear to her heart. Her love for God, fuels her love for people. Despite her arduous beginnings, she chooses to see the good in people. She identifies with the underdog, the outcast, the reject, the misfit, and the black sheep because she once walked in their shoes. Nevertheless, she fought her way up and out of the darkest place into one illuminate with the fresh breath of life. She’s refined, she’s renewed and she’s recharged to once again to go after her dreams.



2009 Founded “Your Pain Means Something, Inc.” for children and women who were victims of Emotional, Physical and Sexual Abuse

2011 – 2013 Site Coordinator/Grant Writer for Fountain of Knowledge Education Services (F.O.K.E.S)

A non-profit program for underprivileged youth that partnered with the Lee County School System to provide afterschool tutoring and mentoring services.

2015 Co-Founder of Our Next Step

A non-profit organization that provides services and programs for Teenagers with Special Needs transitioning into Adulthood.

Community Service:

2006 to Present participated in operation “Adopt a Family,” for Christmas

Rasheena Unscripted, in conjunction with her local church, City of the Great King, Spring Lake, NC, has successfully sponsored a School Supply Drive, Backpack Giveaway and Back to School Jamboree for the citizens of Laurens, SC in 2009 and 2010 where 100 + Backpacks were filled with School Supplies and given to children in need from grades K-12.

Rasheena Unscripted, in conjunction with her local church, City of the Great King, Spring Lake, NC, has successfully sponsored a School Supply Drive, Backpack Giveaway and Back to School Jamboree for the citizens of Spring Lake, NC for the past 5 years (started in 2010). 100 + Backpacks were filled with School Supplies and given to children in need from grades K-12.

2014 Rasheena Unscripted, sponsors “Bless the Community Thanksgiving Food Drive”, feeding 100 + Elderly and Low-Income families.

2015 Rasheena Unscripted, sponsors “Bless the Community Thanksgiving Food Drive”, working to feed 100 + Elderly and Low-Income families.


  • 2015 Mentor for Pride Pact Leadership Academy (an organization that caters to the academic, personal, and social needs of girls from schools in the Cumberland County School System
  • 2015 Spring Lake Middle School Mentorship Program

Workshop Facilitator

  • The Power of Praise and Worship
  • Single and Satisfied
  • Successful Leadership
  • Your Pain Means Something
  • What’s the Matter with Me
  • To Thine Own Self Be True
  • Overcoming my Past, Embracing My Future
  • I Got A Story to Tell


  • Resurrection…… It’s Time For Me To Live!
  • Which One Are You
  • The Struggle Is Over
  • Discerning the Times
  • The Sister Circle
  • The Woman with the Issue of Blood, that Woman is Me
  • Resurrection
  • From Pain to Purpose
  • Man Down a Monologue
  • I’ve Got a Story to Tell a Monologue


  • A Christmas Cantata
  • The Struggle Is Over
  • Discerning the Times
  • Don’t Strip God Out of Your Life

Associate Minister

  • City of the Great King


  • Praise and Worship Leader – City of the Great King
  • Other Engagements both local and out of state

Hospitality and Event Coordinator

  • Seed of Faith Ministries International Inc.
  • City of the Great King
  • 8 Lilies Event Planning ~ both local and out of state


Certified Trainer, Sykes Enterprises Inc.

Certificate in Customer Relationship Management in Business Services

Certificate in Business Communication

Diploma in Psychology

Diploma in Theology

Th. B. GPA 4.0

Div. GPA 4.0


Rasheena Unscripted, LLC

RasheenaUnscripted, is just what it says, Rasheena Unscripted is ME….up close and personal, transparent, broken, fearful, yet fearless. Unashamed of my trials and tribulations, grateful for my mistakes and even more so for my struggles; understanding that they have all created and developed the character and purpose that envelopes who I am.

Rasheena Unscripted LLC, is an organization founded on one premise, “helping others.” Life experiences often leave us broken and searching for answers. For some, we find our way and for others; we must wait to be found. Growing up in the heart of Brooklyn, NY, better known as “Bedford Stuyvesant,” I am no stranger to hardships and struggles. That is why I’ve devoted my time and attention to bettering myself, so that I can help someone else.

My Vision: To become the change I want to see and to empower others to reach back and do the same.

My Mission: To inspire and impact the lives of women both young and young at heart to transition from victim to victors. Thereby creating a culture of love and acceptance that will foster the edifying and uplifting of woman in our local communities and states and eventually worldwide. To educate them through experience and self-application.



Contact Info:

Rasheena Perry

(910) 849-2738


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