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I am a SURVIVOR. I Thrive on purpose.
10 years ago I received very shocking news.  I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I literally could not believe it.
Numb, I felt betrayed and defeated but, I was a scrappy ass fighter and I was determined that I would not leave this earth because of that disease.
For some reason God did not allow me to transition 10 years ago. I say for some reason, because truthfully there are tens of thousands of reasons. We often look for that one single luminous reason why we are here on the planet, when in truth, there are far too many reasons than we could ever count.
Most of the time we don’t even know we’re making an impact on someone else and through simple actions we are making the most meaningful contribution to the world. The person you pass on your way to work and when you say high to your neighbor or share something meaningful in social media that becomes a catalyst for someone else to awaken to their greatness or remember to smile and breath and be easy with themselves on their journey through life.
Today I celebrate the simple but powerful things like freedom, self love, friendship, laughter, sunshine and rainy days, my dad agreeing to repair our relationship 6 years ago, my siblings and all the great people I’ve been honored to meet and to serve.
I am most proud that surviving breast cancer taught me to stop putting my life’s dreams and ambitions on hold. Nothing is promised. Not tomorrow. Not even the next second.
On today, I extend to you a challenge, to live each moment as an utterly marvelous gift. Choose to live with abundant joy as your inner guide and watch the sun set and rise with those you love as often as you possibly can.
Denise J. Hart
America’s Reinvention Strategist
Speaker | Author | Coach | Game Changer!
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