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Take It Back Tuesday with Gratimations

Take It Back Tuesday with Gratimations

We have always been taught to declare and decree the I Am Affirmations, and we have also been taught to thank God as though it has already been done, so I’ve created Gratimations. God created us all on purpose.  When he formed us in our mother’s womb, he placed the true us inside of us, if that makes sense to you.  The problem is, over time we allow people and society to make us believe we are who “they” say we are.   It’s time now for us to “TAP INTO US” and take the women God created us to be back from our friends, back from our family, back from our mates, back from our kids, back from everyone who says they know who we are supposed to be.  The only person that truly knows that woman is you and God, start today by declaring and decreeing in thanksgiving for the woman already on the inside of you!

Will you join me today in creating Gratimations, Affirmations that show gratitude?

Thank you God for purposely creating me to be me, Vanetia V. Fahie.  Thank you God for a mindset shift into faithfulness and obedience.  Thank you God for my strength and beauty.  Thank you God for clarity of my purpose and for wisdom.  Thank you God for prosperity.

Take back the woman that God created you to be in your mother’s womb! What are you declaring and decreeing in thanksgiving over your life today?  Share with us below in the comments your Gratimations today!


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