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Welcome to La Femme

Welcome to La Femme

For a long time, Vanetia has always had this void in her life, like something was missing. She used to think, “Oh, you just feel that way because you lost your mom”; or “Oh you just feel that way because you had an absent father”. Or “Oh you just feel that way because none of your relationships worked”; or “Oh, you just feel that way because you got pregnant at 19, and watched your dreams die”; or “Oh, you just feel that way because you couldn’t seem to get it right, and you live paycheck to paycheck”; or “Oh, you just feel that way because you are a single mom of 2 and sometimes you cry because it gets hard”; or “Oh, you just feel that way because God gave you a vision, and because of fear you never did anything with it”; or “Oh, you just feel that way because God told you to trust him, and once again, you still out of fear, never moved!

Fear is a powerful paralytic. It can cause you to be so still, life will pass you by and you not even know it. She was paralyzed, she couldn’t move, she was stuck! Then about 6 months ago, she had a come to Jesus moment, a aha moment where God told her, he had already done his part, she just needed to put in the work. The difference between now and then is, she’s not afraid anymore. She was sick and tired of being sick and tired. She used her POOP (People’s Opinion Of my Purpose) to fertilize her life, and fertilize her dreams. That void she always seemed to have, no longer exist. She now knows why God created her and what her purpose was in furthering his kingdom. God impregnated her years ago and out of fear, she never gave birth. Can you imagine being pregnant for years? Can you imagine the pain she was in? Can you imagine, the hurt she was feeling? Can you imagine?

She was forced to give birth, she couldn’t bear carrying this vision anymore. It was now or never! All that pain, that hurt, that disgust, she used it to push out my vision. No epidural, no oxygen, no cup of water by her bed, no one standing next to her rubbing her hands, all she had was faith in God and his promises. He promised to do everything else, as long as she did the work. Long nights, early mornings, multitasking, and being productive is her new life, and Ishe loves every moment of it!

Vanetia gave birth to an awesome and amazing Woman, La Femme! SHE (Standing on Her Experiences), is no longer a baby! SHE is grown and ready to live! La Femme is a women’s organization on an international journey to be global by assisting women in stretching themselves and taking on new challenges wholeheartedly by inspiring and empowering them to overcome their fears.

We stand on the following Core Values and every La Femme member must:
• Have Faith
• Embrace You
• Make Good Choices
• Be Accountable
• Be Intentional
• Have Integrity
• Do Good Work

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