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Who Is SHE Meets Atlanta, GA

Who Is SHE Meets Atlanta, GA

Q:  Who is SHE?

She is a believer in the power of girls and works to make sure they reach their fullest potential.

Q:  Where are you originally from?

I’m originally from Ideal, Georgia. I consider Atlanta home, we moved here when I was six years old.

Q: Where do you currently reside?

I currently live in Decatur.

Q:  As it relates to your purpose in life, do you feel like you are where you want to be and where God has shown you he wants you to be?


Q:  If you said yes, what is your purpose and how did you get to this point in your life?

I know without a shadow of a doubt that it is God’s will for me to be a positive role model for girls and help them grow. He has used Girl Scouts as the means for me to do it.
My journey as an Outreach Girl Scout Leader began about 6 years ago as what I thought was just going to be a fun way to fill time, until I found a full time job. It has now become a passion.

Q:  What obstacles have you experienced as a woman and/or business owner?

As a women, and especially as a black women, I have had to prove that I have not achieved my successes by luck, or chance and definitely not by pulling my race card. I worked hard and made sure that “good enough” was never enough. I pushed myself and made sure to pull up another sister when I made it.
How did you overcome them?
I let my character, talent and work ethic speak for me, always.

Q:  What is the why behind what you do?

My why is simple, I strive to be for my girls who I needed when I was growing up.

Q:  What legacy are you leaving behind?

I hope, through the kids I’m serving, that I’m leaving behind a legacy of service and love for your fellow man. I strive to plant the seed of always giving back and supporting your community however you can. One doesn’t have to be rich to serve, just willing.

Q:  Who inspired or empowered you to be who you are right now?

I had so many wonderful role models and people that took a genuine interest in making sure I made it out of “the hood” and made a life for myself.
Two very special women in particular were my Girl Scout Leaders. Candace Brown and Doris Secka, who  always provided me opportunities to grow, let my voice be heard, and see life outside of Grady Homes Projects. I am forever grateful to them. They could have given those chances to any other little girl, but they always thought of me.

Q:  If you could say anything to those coming behind you, what would you say?

I would say to them that we have enough “Atlanta Housewives”, “Love and Hip Hop” “Girlfriends”, and “Trap Queens”. Let’s make open minds, open hearts, and closed legs cool again.

Q:  How can we connect with you?

If anyone would like to visit our troop and share their time or talents with girls, I can be reached at

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