Chelsea A. Ellis is a  young, fun, spiritual, and motivated go-getter on a mission to show other young men and women how possible it is to make your dreams come true…no matter what it may be.

LA FEMME MAGAZINE: Where are you originally from?

Chelsea A. Ellis: Louisville, KY

LA FEMME MAGAZINE: Where do you currently reside?

Chelsea A. Ellis: Louisville, KY

LA FEMME MAGAZINE: As it relates to your purpose in life, do you feel you are both where you want to be and where God has shown you he wants you to be?

Chelsea A. Ellis: Yes, my purpose is to teach others how to turn their passion into a paycheck by simply following through on the goals and dreams they have. I got to this point from studying and investing into training products from some of the best product creators, entrepreneurs, and marketers out here as well as my mentor and father, Sam Ellis. He has helped me when it comes to avoiding making the mistakes that many entrepreneurs may encounter.

LA FEMME MAGAZINE: What obstacles have you experienced as a woman and/or business owner?

Chelsea A. Ellis: The obstacle of having people close to me who may have at first been supportive change as soon as I hit a certain level of success. That was one of the toughest things I’ve faced, because being someone who tries to support everyone – it hurts a lot when people who were once close to you start to treat you differently.

LA FEMME MAGAZINE: What strategies did you use to overcome them?

Chelsea A. Ellis: I overcame them by truly reading the Bible and seeing the examples it had on how people will always judge those who are trying to be better as well as it is up to me to love everyone, no matter what, and support everyone even if they don’t support me. By realizing this, it gave me peace of mind to know that it is impossible to please everyone –but as long as you are pleasing yourself and God, you can’t worry about it.

LA FEMME MAGAZINE: Do you currently have a business and/or organization? If so, what is the name of your business and/or organization?

Chelsea A. Ellis: Jim Reynolds Asphalt – Asphalt Company and Fail to Success – a motivational, online marketing, and product creation brand

LA FEMME MAGAZINE: How did you get started with your business and/or organization?

Chelsea A. Ellis: Through my family’s asphalt company, I became VP and got inspired to teach others about entrepreneurship and how to grow their existing businesses. Through that I began getting into online marketing and motivational messages. I knew that I had to teach those who didn’t get to experience people, such as Tony Robbins, Brandon Burchard, and other motivators, the information needed to help them take the next steps in their lives.

LA FEMME MAGAZINE: How do you think your organization shows up to the world; or, how would you like for it to show up?
Chelsea A. Ellis: I think my organization shows as one that teaches it doesn’t matter what age you are. By following your dreams, you can do whatever it is you desire and that it is all about helping each other reach our destinations of success. And not simply focusing on yourself, but on helping others.

LA FEMME MAGAZINE: What is the “why” behind what you do?

Chelsea A. Ellis: My mother – I’ve seen her work as a hairstylist all of her life doing something she enjoyed but now getting older. I know it’s time for me to take care of her the way she took care of me. One thing with my mother is I’ve seen her experience health issues, such as high blood pressure and other things which just motivates me so much. I, personally, don’t want to go through this, and want to make sure I can help her as much as I can to ensure she has access to the best nutritionist and systems if needed.

LA FEMME MAGAZINE: What legacy are you leaving behind?

Chelsea A. Ellis: The power of turning your passion into a paycheck.  If you put your heart into doing what you enjoy and allow God to guide you, the money will truly come in due time.

LA FEMME MAGAZINE: Who inspired or empowered you to be who you are right now?

Chelsea A. Ellis: Father- being raised by an entrepreneur was a blessing because he opened my eyes to all that is possible when you simply follow your dreams. Also, he taught me how entrepreneurship allows you the chance to have spiritual, personal and financial freedom.

LA FEMME MAGAZINE: If you could say anything to those following behind you, what would you say?

Chelsea A. Ellis: Learn, implement, and teach. If you repeat those steps with everything you do, you will be successful. Never let obstacles stop you, but allow them to help you get closer to your goals.

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