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WIN-Her, The Seasons of My Life

WIN-Her, The Seasons of My Life

Spring It
Summa Her
Fall Back
What season of your life are you in?
Are things starting to settle down?
Are your flowers blooming?
Are your birds on their way back home?
Is your season changing?
We sometimes forget that things change, people change, and time changes. Everything has a season. Nothing in this life time last forever. When you think about the things that are going on in life right now, I encourage you to say Spring It! Spring it on Baby! You need to have the mindset that you are more than a conjurer, and no matter what may come your way, you have the strength to win!
Or maybe your grass is greener,
The trees are a little taller,
The sun is a little hotter,
Things are starting to change again
Look at it like this, tell that situation, “hey, I don’t think you want Summa Her!” For she is strong, she can do all things through Christ who strengthens her. She understands that things happen. She knows that when she falls, all she has to do is get up. She knows that that’s the only way to win!
I wonder if maybe now your leaves are shedding,
Is your grass beginning to brown?
Did the temperatures drop just a little bit?
Are you beginning to fell another change?
Now if you feel so overwhelmed and you think you need a break, Fall back my sista. There is absolutely nothing wrong with taking a break. Sometimes that what you need to gather yourself. Sometimes that’s what you need to prosper, that’s what you need to stay the course, that’s what you need to win!
So let me guess, things are getting cold,
The temperatures are falling,
The snow is falling,
All the birds are headed west!
Its time to WIN-Her! Win at the game of negativity! Win at the game of self-doubt! Win at the of giving up! Listen to your heart, and know that nothing beats a failure, but a try. That situation won’t be here long. All you gotta do is figure it out. Wrap your mind around what you want it to be and do the thing!
Win-Her Self Confidence,
Win-Her Strength,
Win-Her Courage,
Win-Her Boldness,
Win-Her Innovation,
Win-Her Intentions,
Win Her!

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